Our baitshop beauty of the month is none other than Ms. Taylor Tails! Check out our exclusive interview with this beauty below! Also – be sure to check out her instagram where you can see Taylor in her natural habitat: @taylor_tails_

Hey there Taylor! How are you today?! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hey y’all! I’m Taylor, but don’t get me confused with my twin 😉 I graduated Texas A&M University that now works selling software to FFLs (Federal Firearm Licenses) I love to hunt, fish and fitness. Always down for the next adventure!!

When did you start fishing and what made you get into the sport?

Started fishing about a little over a year ago, my brother n law got me into it. Love anything to do with water.

What is your favorite fish to hook?

Favorite fish to hook is mahi mahi because they are so beautiful under water and they put up a good fight.

What fish has given you the hardest fight?

Barracuda has given me the hardest fight.. so far 🙂

What lures/baits have you had the best luck with?

Live bait is always the best!

Where is your favorite spot to fish?

Florida Keys is by far my favorite to fish, water is so clear and you don’t have to go out very far.

What is your favorite local bait shop?

Baitshop beauties!!
(All seriousness I don’t have a favorite local baitshop being from Texas. I prefer saltwater fishing).

What other hobbies do you have?

I love to hunt and workout and Jesus. A healthy active lifestyle who’s always down for the next adventure #travelingtaylortails


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