The weekend is for fishing, but it’s also for getting out there in the wide open spaces and having fun. The female anglers in this post know how to do both very well. You’ll see them soaking up the rays and having fun between catches. Tell us which picture you like best in the comment section below.





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I’ve been a little MIA lately due too this disaster of a hurricane and family things, I guess I just didn’t feel it was right to post but for today I’m going to separate the two worlds and just talk to you guys! I don’t think I’ve ever really introduced my self on here so I’m gonna babble on for a little bit . My name is Kira for all the new faces on here. I’m from key west fl, I’m 22 years old. Currently in real estate school but coming to the end … 7 weeks left yeww! My absolute best friends @sophia.carmela @africa_4 (those my gurls) my BF @intotheblue_charters and I have been together almost 4 years now and he’s responsible for a lot of those fish I’m catching, I grew up on fishing my father was a captain for the OMB at garrison bite and also his own Saltshaker charters for 25 years. When I was younger instead of taking me to summer camp he would carry me into the fly bridge where I would nap until we got offshore or I heard him scream “hooked up”!! We started tournaments young when I was 4 by 5 I had set 4 records for my age group, Amber Jack, barracuda, Black grouper Cobia! 💙 I’ve gained a lot of traction on here from fishing posts but I wanted to say as much as I luvvvvv fishing I have many passions, 1.being the ocean. I just live and breath it to me it’s everything! There’s really no better place to be. 2. Traveling anywhere and everywhere my goal is to visit every country and state before … ya know ✨, You will see a lot of travel posts as well cuz I’m obsessed with this planet! 3. I’ve always loved design, I used to want to start my own brand when I was younger. And maybe one day I will. I really want to start posting some more fashion photos for you girls on here, there are a ton of eco conscious brands that I love and feel I should share those with you 💛 anyways I really want my page to be a reflection of everything that I am and that I love! I can’t thank you guys enough for following along and all the support! Comment down below post ideas or any questions you have and I will be responding 🌺

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Comment some would you rather questions 😅

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