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5 Species To Aim For When Fishing in Hawaii

Susan Azar

Posted on October 04 2017

Bonefish: Found in the flats and grassy beds, these sought-after fish typically weigh 6 pounds.

Photo via WhereTraveler

Marlin: Arguably the most highly regarded sportfish, the marlin has three species you should look out for: blue, black, and striped.

Yellowfin Tuna: These fish travel in large schools and are known to put up a big fight as they can grow up to 400 pounds.

Photo via Oceana

Wahoo: Typically fished via trolling methods, the white and grey fish can be as big as 150 pounds.

Mahi Mahi: Also known as dolphin fish, these fish weight up to 29 pounds and are some of the best tasting fish in Hawaii.

Photo via Pelagic

In only these few subjects you can see the diversity and natural beauty of Hawaii's fish community. Even more lie beneath its water.