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Check out the New Rapala Shad Dancer Crankbait

Johnny Certo

Posted on August 23 2017

The Shad Dancer from Rapala is quickly becoming a proven tool for landing walleye.
Watch this video and learn how to use it like a professional.
Use the Shad Dancer in weed beds to lure in walleye who are hunting for food. The
presence of this crank bait and its Tail Dancer action, make an attractive target in
these areas. Since this new version is a bit shorter with a wider body, it will attract
walleye who are looking for a smaller meal in the evenings.
It's best to fish with braided line because this allows the lure to drop up to seven feet
deep. Keep in mind you'll need to pull at a consistent speed to accurately mimic the
motions of a small perch fish.