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Here's an Easy Way to Tie a Double Uni Knot

Rob Egerton

Posted on September 22 2017

A double uni knot is a great knot for anglers of all levels since it's easily used in a variety of applications. Check out this brief video and learn how to tie this knot the easy way.

In case you missed it, heres the steps listed out:

1. Overlap both lines, about six inches

2. Then make loops in the shape of a "9" and a "6" on either ends

3. Pull the end of the line around the loop six times making a single uni knot, then pull the loose end through the loop (do this on both ends)

4. Tug both knots tight, they will pull together

An important step to doing this knot right is to moisten the lines before the final pull. This will allow the uni knots to move more easily when tightened.