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How To Fish Around Stumps For the Big Fish

Johnny Certo

Posted on September 19 2017

Stumps are often viewed by anglers are obstructions, but they can be a great ally if fished properly. Learn how to fish in and around stumps in this video from a well versed fisherman.

Bass, shad, and sunfish often hang around stumps seeking food and refuge. Both spinners and jigs can be used to lure in these fish in these areas, but be sure to pause when your pulling the lure past the stump to get a reaction out of the fish. Depending on the sunlight and the flow of the water source, the fish many prefer one side of the stump over the other. Remember to throw the bait over the stump and pull it past the roots to find the fish. Practice this retrieval to make it look natural and you'll be landing lunkers in no time.