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How to Use Jerkbait to Lure in Huge Bass

Johnny Certo

Posted on September 26 2017

Jerkbaits can be a very effective tool for landing big summer bass if you use them properly. In this video you'll get a lesson on how to properly use these baits to your advantage.

As you can see the StickMinno from Unfair Lures can be used to land all the summer bass you want. This bait is most effective when accompanied by a long rod with fast action and a quick reel. Be sure to jerk the bait lightly as the even the smallest pulls will create big movement underwater.

If you are using these baits currently, it's best to use a 12-pound line as they will swim down to about a three foot depth. Now that you've seen how to use these jerkbaits it's time to try them on your own at your local fishing hole.