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The Size Of These Bass Seen Underwater Will Floor You

Johnny Certo

Posted on September 20 2017

Underwater footage can often be cloudy or dark, but this video footage looks great. Check out the size of these bass in what has to be some of the clearest footage out there today.

According to the authors of this video this footage was filmed when they found, "A male on a bed and sent the GoPro down to get some sick footage of a bass’ behavior on a bed. Clearly their timing was right because the fish was hammering those baits hard when they were recording.

Your mother told you if at first you don't succeed try, try again, right? Well, at least this angler heeded that advice and was able to get the bass to bite after a failed first attempt. After watching this video you know have a better understanding of how bass behave in a bed, now use it on your next trip.