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This is How You Tie a Palomar Knot The Right Way

Rob Egerton

Posted on September 14 2017

Knowing how to tie the Palomar Knot will help you be more adaptable on your next fishing trip. Watch this video and learn from a seasoned angler and you'll be able to tie a Palomar Knot like a professional.



For those that need a review, here are the steps to tying a proper Palomar Knot:

1. Create a loop, keeping one foot of excess

2. Next thread the loop into the eye of the hook

3. Then craft an overhand knot, and make sure to leave a large loop

4. Thread the hook through the loop

5. Moisten the line, and pull tight

6. Trim the tag ends

This versatile knot can be used on all kinds of hook and will many different setups. Now that you know how to tie one practice up before your next fishing trip.