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Which Test Weight Is Best For Which Fish?

Rob Egerton

Posted on October 09 2017

For those who are unaware, the test weight of a line refers to the maximum amount of pressure the line should be able to handle without breaking. If you're going to be angling for fish that weight upwards of 6 pounds, you don't necessarily needs to have 6 pound test line. There are other factors to consider when making sure you have the right test weight for any given fishing trip.

The drag setting on your reel and the number of knots in the line can also effect the amount of pressure a line can handle. When setting your drag, keep in mind you should have about thirty percent of the lines test weight in pressure to pull the line. This means that if you're fishing with 20 pound line it should take about 6 pounds of pressure to pull the line. Also consider, the more knots you have the weaker the strength of the line. These are two main factors to consider in regards to the test weight of your line, but remember the rod strength also factors into the line's overall strength. These are a few of the important settings to consider when picking out your test weight.

Photo via Wikimedia