The Best Flounder Lures

Fishing for flounder is a lot easier after you've figured out the best lures and baits to catch them. We've spent years polling experts and learning how to catch the species...

Close your eyes, reach into your tacklebox and grab a topwater bait. Chances are, it will catch bass. Maybe not right now. Maybe not even today or tomorrow -...

Shark Bait 101

The number one thing I tell people when it comes to choosing a shark bait is to fish the bait that is in the area. 

How to Attaching Fishing Bait with a Hook

Learn how to attach fishing bait with a hook using this unique knot. It will help give you the edge when angling with live baits on the water.

This is How You Tie a Perfection Loop Knot (VIDEO)

Knowing how to quickly tie knots is important when fishing so you can spend less time messing with your line and more time ripping lip. Here's a video that...
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