Catching a Great White Shark

Shark!!! Watch below

Fishing for Small, Exotic Fish

Don't get it mistaken: fishing for small fish can be just as fun as the ten-pounders. Watch this video below to see some awesome small fish fishing!

Monster Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

The Top Tips for Fly-Fishing in Late Summer

Depending on where you live, fly-fishing for trout in August can be tough because water temperatures are usually at their highest points of the year. But there usually are...

Monster Catfish Fishing

The Rarest Trout Species

What constitutes a rare trout? Is a fish rare if it’s few in numbers, or so damned difficult to get to and find (I’m looking at you, golden trout)...

Baitshop Life’s Bait Shop of the Month forAugust 2020

Congratulations to Ronnie's Variety Store! Ronnie's is the August 2020 Baitshop Life Bait Shop of the Month. Located in Newnan, Georgia, Ronnie's is know for an excellent live bait...

Huge Summer Bass

Summer bass fishing!

Awesome Peacock Bass Fly Fishing

Peacock bass on the fly is a thrill like no other. Check out the video below to see a piece of the action!

Massive Muskie Fishing

Massive Muskie. What else needs to be said?
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