4 Great Female Anglers to Watch on Youtube

It’s fair to say the YouTube is flooded with fishing videos of female anglers and it can be hard to find a good channel. Here are four of the best YouTube channels featuring female anglers where there will be plenty of tight lines and beautiful catches.

  1. Fishing With Luiza

This channel stars Luiza Barros, a talented Brazilian angler who loves everything from scalloping to deep sea fishing. She usually fishes in the southwestern US and the tropics of the Caribbean.

2. Darcizzle Offshore

Darcie or as she’s know on YouTube, Darcizzle, is a true Floridian Angler and she knows how to land big fish. Her videos provide great tips about not only the technique for catching the fish but also the gear that is needed.


This Canadian angler loves to fish in every season, so check out this channel for ice fishing and summer bass fishing tips. In addition to sharing tips on fishing, she also provides gear reviews on the best rods, reels, and baits available today.

4. Brook Crist Outdoors

Hailing from the Sunshine State, Brook has always had a passion for fishing. This Florida based angler knows how to land deep sea fish, and she’ll demonstrate how to cook them too.

These are just a few of the any channels on YouTube starring amazingly talented female anglers. Take lesson from these women and practice what they preach if you want to land some big fish.

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