The Weirdest Fishing Lures Ever

These 20 lures are some of the weirdest I have ever seen, but they work! Comment down below the weirdest lure you have ever caught a fish with.

Yoshihiko Ando Bass Lure

Artsy lures aren’t always great at catching fish, but Japanese designer Yoshihiko Ando’s creations are the exception. This blue gator may look like a bad dream, but the bass can’t resist it.


Japanese anglers are always looking for new and weird-looking fishing lures to attract bass. Megabass designed the Rat-X for bass fisherman who have the confidence to drop $40 on a fishing lure.

Pudgy Frog

One angler posted this creepy little creature to Bass Resource’s bass fishing forum. The frog’s large front flippers help create friction in the water.

Creature Baits

What exactly is it? Whether the creature bait looks like a snake, an insect or something out of the Matrix, the variety is a favorite among bass anglers… and for good reason.

Musky Duckling

It may look like a bathtub toy for a toddler, but the Gopher Bait Company created this fishing lure to attract muskies, which are known to suck baby ducks under the water.

Yoshihiko Ando Lures

It’s unclear what type of fish these bizarre-looking faces are designed to attract, but the Japanese display great confidence in Yoshihiko Ando’s weird-looking fishing lures.

Montana Fly Company’s Clipped-head Hopper Fly

These odd little suckers come in handy if a trout fisherman happens to find a fly fishing spot where a lot of grasshoppers are hatching. According to Bass Pro’s blog, the key to fly fishing trout is to match the hatch.

DIY Lures

Some of the all-time weirdest fishing lures are the DIY variety. One Aussie angler posted his own creations to Sports Fish Tasmania’s Tackle Talk forum, bragging on their usefulness in catching tuna.

Scentblazer Lures

These brightly-colored trolling lures may be a far cry from what you use to catch crappie, bass and even trout, but they look like a tasty snack to mahi-mahi.

Tetanus Shot Lure

This classic beauty may be a little out of the ordinary, but the Tetanus Shot fishing lure will still do the trick when it comes to hooking a catch.

‘What the Hell is That’ Lure

One New Zealand angler experimented with some crazy-looking saltwater fishing lures, and was pleasantly surprised to hook some huge snapper.

Wooden Fishing Lures

“American Woodworker” highlighted a few techniques used in creating wooden fishing lures. These weird-looking topwater fishing lures are great for skipping across the top of water and attracting bass, musky and pike.

Live Target Hollow Body Field Mouse

A self-proclaimed “bass junkie” blogger added this field mouse lure to his “bass fishing Christmas list.” Winner of the 2011 ICAST Best in Show for soft lures, this weird-looking fishing lure from Live Target is great for twitching along the top of moss, grass and pads.

Spoon Lure

This DIY spoon lure is created from none other than a spoon… the kind you eat with.

Booze Baits Cork Poppers

This fishing lure made from a cork and a bottle cap makes a great gag gift, but it’s also been known to hook a few fish.

Fike Lures

Japanese anglers claim these eye-catching fishing lures are great for catfishing.

The Fitzgig

Chicago’s Dodson Manufacturing Company launched the Fitzgig in 1942, a fly rod popper with brightly-colored feathered wings and a double hook.

Creek Chub Fintail Shiner

Georgia angler George Perry used Creek Chub’s fintail shiner to hook a 22-pound, 4-ounce black bass in 1932. The catch still holds the world record for largemouth bass.

YodLures Zander Killer

Yodlure’s handmade, two-jointed fishing lures are great for catching pike.

Daiwa TD Mouthwasher

Daiwa’s topwater popper is not only beautifully detailed, but also expertly crafted. The fishing lure even features a prop inside the lure’s large mouth for extra water disturbance.


All credit for this crazy list goes to Wide Open Spaces.

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