Googan Baits: Are They Worth the Hype?

Kayak Fishing at Night

The reason I started kayak fishing at night was mainly because I couldn’t wait until the morning to hit the water. I would head out night and fish until...

Fishing Big Jointed Swimbaits for Big Bass

Baitshop Life’s Product of the Month for August 2020

Guys who fish need a quality set of pliers for so many uses. This multi-functional tool is corrosion-resistant for either fresh or saltwater environments. Strong and easy-to-use, they come...

Lipless Crankbait Fishing Tips

Lipless crankbaits are a must-have in any angler's tackle box. Here are some tips on how to fish this awesome lure!

How to Rig a Treble Hook Through a Swimbait

Jake Lawrence thinks the line-thru swimbait is more versatile than many tournament anglers realize. The Kentucky Lake and Pickwick guide and 2018 Costa FLW Series Lake Barkley champion frequently...

Shark Bait 101

The number one thing I tell people when it comes to choosing a shark bait is to fish the bait that is in the area. 

The Best Ways to Use Braid

Braid or mono? Braid more flouro? This is not an easy decision to make, but watch this video below for some great tips on how to use braid.

The Best Waders of 2020

Waders are key to any river fishing and can even help an angler get into a tough lake spot. Below are the best waders of 2020.

The 5 Best Ways to Rig a Stick Worm for Big Bass

It has been about 5 years since soft plastic stickbaits made their way to the bass fishing scene taking not only bass but bass fisherman by storm along the...
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