This Lionfish Was Caught Years Ago But It’s Still a World Record Contender

An angler from Biloxi, Mississippi reeled in a world record lionfish off the coast of Dauphin Island. Jason Jones was out fishing for amberjack, tuna, and wahoo, and caught what could still be a world record lionfish.

Jones was fishing about 55 miles south of Dauphin Island when he landed the 11.2-ounce fish. A world record Lionfish was caught off the coast of Port Canaveral, Florida in 2013. Jones told reporters, “It was a normal trip my friends and I try to make about twice a month. We were fishing at the popular MP-265 rig. I didn’t have any idea it may be a record, but a buddy on the trip was a professional spear fisherman and he knew right away it had to be a record.”

Image via Sportsman

Gulf Coast Research Lab worker Alex Fogg, who verified the weight and length of the fish told reporters, “Jason is in the process of completing world record paperwork. The record broken was for hook and line fishing only.”

Source: Sportsman

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