6 Steps to Properly Net a Fish

So you’ve caught your first double-digit pound bass. Your line is taught, and your net is ready. DON’T MESS THIS UP! Here are some tips to get that fish in the boat.

6 Steps for Proper Netting:

  1. First, play the fish properly. With energetic fish, never rush the fish to the boat. Most fish are lost at boat side after being brought in too quickly; fish full of fight make unpredictable moves on a short line and the outcome is rarely in your favor. Battle the fish away from the boat where it is easier to compensate for surges. Engage the fish just long enough that some of its energy is reduced. But never wear it down to the point of exhaustion if planning to release it.
  2. As soon as the angler with hooked fish determines it should be netted, a second angler immediately grabs the net and stands ready.
  3. When the rod man determines the fish is tiring, he should work the fish to boat side and call for the net. The net man should never move on the fish until rod man says he has the fish under control.
  4. At this point the net man should place the net in the water (within a couple feet of the rod man) with roughly 1/2 of the hoop buried in the water at approximately a 45-degree angle.
  5. The rod man will lead the fish into the net β€” head first! If the fish darts left or right, or dives below the net, the net man should immediately remove the net from the water and wait until the rod man has the fish back under control.
  6. The rod man leads the fish by keeping line pressure so its head is up slightly; gently pull the fish to the positioned net. When about half of the fish’s length is inside the net, the net man should lift the net with a slight forward sweep. Success!

All credit for these great tips goes to Havalon Knives. http://blog.havalon.com/how-to-net-a-fish-tips-and-techniques/

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