4 Tips For Fishing with Kids

Fishing is a tradition that most anglers want to pass on to their children and their children’s children. When it comes to taking kids fishing, there are a few things that will make the activity fun for both the parties.

  1. Bring Snacks

If there’s one thing that will keep children in a good mood, it’s food. Snacks will help to ensure the kids will stay focused and content. Whether it’s juice, crackers, sandwiches, fruit, or candy food will keep your little angler happy and full until you help them land a lunker.

2. Go Somewhere Close

When picking a fishing spot, go to a place that is close to home. A long car ride can cause kids to loose focus on the activity of fishing. Instead they may complain or become irritated it’s taking too long to arrive at the fishing spot. Keep the drive time to an hour or less and this will keep the children interested and excited.

Image via pembertonfishfinder

3. Have the Rod and Gear Ready

Make sure your gear is all set prior to your arrival since idle time can be frustrating for children. When you get to the fishing spot you want to be casting as soon as possible, keeping your children entertained. Giving them the rod shortly after you arrive will keep them focused, making for a great time fishing from the beginning.

4. End on a High Note

The end of a fishing excursion is equally as important as the start when fishing with kids. They will remember the finish of the trip more than all the things that happened in the middle. Whether it’s a great catch or a memorable photo finish the day with a happy memory. When they head out on a high note, your kids will be more likely to join you on the next trip.

These are just a few of the many ways fishing with kids can be made more fun for everyone. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when you take your little ones out next time.

Images via pembertonfishfinder and FairfaxFamily

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