Top 10 Fly Fishing Products of 2019

1.  Sage Dart

Sage Dart Video Play Image

The Dart is Sage’s latest venture into the specialty small stream category and a welcomed introduction to the lineup. Available in line weights #0-4, all 7’6” inches or less, the Dart Series is more specialized than the Little One, TXLF and other somewhat longer “creek fishing” rods from Sage.  Pair your Dart with a Rio Creek line and get ready to drive tacks on the creek, throwing “dart-like” loops.

Honorable Mention:  Sage Igniter

Clearly qualifying as an ultra-fast, expert-oriented fly rod, the Igniter is much friendlier than the Method, easier for mere mortals to cast and fish. Some anglers will fish Igniters as all-around fly rods, but we think of them as rods that solve specific problems:  high wind, large flies and distant fish. The 590, 790 and 990 are our favorites, but check out what we had to say about all of these exciting exhilarating new rods in our detailed review below!

2.  Scott F Series

Scott F Video Play Image

Scott hit a home run with the new fiberglass F Series and truly created a series of fiberglass rods that has no equal. These rods go about casting and fishing in a way that is just plain fun. Each model is unique and fills a different niche in the creek rod category.  From the dry fly purist F 622/4 to the all-arounder F 724/4, there is a glass rod in this lineup you should own. There’s even a 5’ 8” 3-wt 4-piece model for those who seek the ultimate toy. Read what we had to say about the sweet little sticks and check out our on-the-water video. If casting one doesn’t make you smile, consider taking up golf!

3.  New Fly Lines From SA and Rio

Rio Creek Line

Creek Line Cropped

Rio’s Creek line is the answer for shorter graphite fly rods (graphite rods under 8 feet), earning a spot in our top 10 for being a successful purpose-driven product.  Rio created a taper that concentrates the weight of the head toward the front of the fly line and helps the rod load up at short distances. With the right fly rod, like the new Sage Dart, this line absolutely sings and provides for intuitive accuracy. The Rio Creek line is available from WF0F to a WF4F and pairs best with these rods: Sage Dart (all models), Scott Radian 753/4, Sage X 376-4, Sage Pulse 376-4, Scott Flex 753/4.

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Honorable Mention:  SA Amplitude Smooth Lines (non-textured)

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity

Infinity Taper (half line weight heavy, longer headed all around trout line)

Trout Taper  (the old rock steady in WF2F-WF7F with a new dress, great line!)

Anadro Nymph (Thing-a-ma-bobber clan and single hand steelheaders look here!)

Titan Long  (The new standard for a popping bug bass line).

Grand Slam  (The flats line SA fans know and love – a top recommendation from flats guides the world over),

Bonefish (Loved the world over by anglers, hated the world over by bonefish).

Together, these comprise our all-around favorite fly lines from Scientific Anglers.

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4.  Ross Evo LTX Reel

Ross Evo LTX Reel

The Ross crew in Montrose has been killing it! The Ross Evolution LTX is the culmination of their expert machining and dedication to detail. Lightweight with true large arbors and a drag system designed for both fresh and saltwater, these reels look stunning and fish even better. The Evo LTX is available in black or platinum, sizes 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, and 7/8, all under $400.


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5.  Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Packs and Bags

Thunderhead Submersible Rolltop Duffel, Yucca Cropped

The folks at Fishpond have made “waterproof” a mainstream concept with their Thunderhead packs and duffel bags. Across the line, all Thunderheads are 100% waterproof and submersible, featuring TiZip waterproof zippers. The primary materials are 100% recycled, derived from old fishing nets. These bags look good, perform flawlessly and tell a great story. For 2019, Fishpond has added a Chest Pack and a Roll Top Duffel to the lineup (same great duffel bag but with a roll top closure rather than a zipper to keep the price point down)

Thunderhead Chest Pack costs $179.95 and the Roll Top Duffelis $199.95

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6.  Hatch Finatic Gen 2 Custom Colors

Remember when all saltwater reels were a gold color and most trout reels some shade of black? Sure, it’s been awhile, but today the angler may choose a reel to match almost any rod or any mood.  Hatch is in the second year of its limited edition color program and the lineup for 2019 is very cool and classy. The two finishes available for the holidays are Bluewater (in the house) and Oxblood (shipping December 1). Although completely original colors, they are more subdued than last year’s offerings and have a more traditional appearance. Think suit and tie rather than khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Give us a call for insight on specific rod pairings for balance and cosmetic appeal. If you’re looking for a color from 2018, we have select sizes in some of those finishes as well.

Hatch Finatic Gen 2 Bluewater Reels

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7.  Patagonia Snap Dry Hoody and Shirt

Patagonia has stepped up their game with the new Snap-Dry tops. Available in a hooded full zip jacket and snap closure collared shirt, these pieces are built with a 4-way stretch soft shell material that is comfortable, durable and weather resistant. The hoody has that “roll out of bed comfort” that is at home bellied up to a bar or holding down the bow of a drift boat. The body and hood have a high loft and highly breathable brushed poly lining to add just enough warmth to a trucker hat and fishing shirt, while the arms are unlined and fast drying for easy releases. The button down Snap-Dry shirt is built on the same 4-way stretch soft shell material and promises to be a western trout daily wear piece.     [Shirt Colors]     [Hoody Colors]

8.  Simms G3 Guide Wader River Camo

Camo hounds, Simms now offers their all-time G3 Guide Wader in a proprietary pattern they call River Camo. These are the exact same G3 Guide Waders you know and love with the updated Gore Tex Pro Shell Wader fabric exclusive to Simms. The camo pattern comes from a collaboration with Veil Camo and is designed to disrupt the human shape from a fish’s perspective. Simms makes an entire collection of apparel and accessories in the new River Camo theme, so you can go head to toe and get your full trout ninja game on. We’ll see you out there, or maybe we won’t?

River Camo G3 Guide waders retail for $549.95

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9.  Patagonia Black Hole Wheeled Duffel Bag 120L

Patagonia’s Black Hole duffel bags have traveled the world over and carried everything under the sun en route. For us fish heads, Patagonia threw a big old Fitz Roy Trout on the side of their 120L Wheeled Duffel and also the popular 60L Duffel. Now you can let your fish flag fly while traveling in style with the best duffel bags in our industry. The 120L Wheeled Duffel costs $349 and the 60L Duffel is $129.

Black Hole Rolling Duffel 120L Black With Fitzroy Trout Logo
Black Hole Duffel 60L Black With Fitzroy Trout Logo

10.  Simms Coldweather Shirt and Simms Telluride Angler Logo hat

While Telluride is not the coldest place to fly fish (we wouldn’t try to rob you of that, Montana), it does sit at 8,750’ in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. The Simms Coldweather Shirt is a heavy flannel of 100% brushed polyester for a cotton-like feel without the impossible dry time. It is lined with micro check fleece that is toasty, cozy and ready for a stout beer, a pickup truck and some chainsaw work.

Add a Telluride Angler logo cap from Simms, slip into some snow boots and you’ll have the mountain town uniform on lock down.

Cap Simms Blue Tarpon Logo
Cap Simms Grey Logo

All credit for this awesome list goes to Telluride Angler.

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