5 Great Flies to Use All Year Long

Anyone who’s gone fly fishing knows that the fly you are using can make or break your trip. Knowing what fly to use and when to use it is imperative for a successful fishing excursion. Here’s a list of great flies to consider next time you’re on the river.

  1. Woolly Bugger – This fly can be used in both fresh and saltwater, and is a great streamer for catching trout.

2. Elk Hair Caddis – A great dry fly, the caddis pictured here is good for both trout and smallmouth bass.


3. Rusty Spinner – This dry fly pattern can be used when trout are just sipping their food off the surface of the water.


4. Copper John – Created by a Montana angler this wire bodied nymph is best used under a strike indicator.


5. Blue Winged Olive – Trout will hammer this dry fly throughout the year, but best time to use it is September and October.


Source: Field and Stream

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