Fishing the West Florida Flats for Redfish and Snook

In this video Darcie heads out to west Florida in the St. Petersberg and Tampa area seeking new angling thrills. Watch as she fishes the flats for redfish and gets some major action.

Looks like it was a pretty good day for Darcie and her crew in western Florida. They had luck using live baits to catch fish in the flats. In case you missed it Darcie was using pin fish for bait when fishing for the snook and redfish.

They used a drone to find the school of snook in the beginning of the video and had luck casting right in the middle of it. When they were hunting the redfish a trolling motor was used to sneak up on them. These are just some of the methods can be used to land snook and redfish in the western Florida flats. Head out there yourself and find a tight line you can write home about.

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