The 10 Best Spinning Reels for a $100 Budget

1. Penn Battle II Spinning Reel – Best Spinning Reel


Penn Battle II Spinning Reels have Peens Drag Washers in spool which allows drag washers to be used on both the sides. Due to this, Battle II has max drags, smooth start-ups, and more range compared to other spinning reels in the market. Also, the drag washers have Penn’s grease for lasting longer.

This Penn Batlle 2 spinning reel has a durable and attractive design with a silky smooth drag. Complete body is constructed from steel which allows for easier maintenance for gear alignment precisely even under extreme punishment.

Also, the rubber gasket doesn’t allow super lines to slip because of which no backing is necessary. It’s the best product available at a particular price in the market.

There are eight sizes of the reel. Lightest model of Battle II has a low size 1000. It is one of the best choices for fresh water usage. The models have a gear ratio of 5:2:1 for the normal models and bigger models; it is 6:2:1. Ratios indicate the performance of reels. Depending upon your need you can pick the best spin reel size.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Full body is constructed from Metal
  • Rotor and a Sideplate
  • HT-100 Both Sides Usable Carbon Fiber Drag Washer
  • Five sealed ball bearings made of Stainless Steel
  • Anti-Reverse bearing instantly
  • Aluminum wire for Heavy-Duty bail
  • Line Capacity
  • Superline Spool


2. Pflueger President Spinning Reel – Best Quality Reel


Pflueger President Spinning Reels is fully enclosed with a graphite body and has aluminum spool which makes it light and durable. Spool consists of 9 ball bearings made of stainless steel, and there is a single roller bearing for making it move effortlessly.

Additionally, the spinning reels have a design of Sure-Click bail which provides an easily audible indicator at the time of bails completely opening and are ready to cast – and the liner roller of anti-twist titanium will lay evenly on the spool.

Another great feature of Pflueger is, it has an over-sized anti-reverse bail wire along with hook sets. It is handy for both the hands making fishing easier for those who use the left hand. It offers outstanding features at an affordable price.

Highlighted Features

  • Pflueger currently offers nine ball bearings made of stainless steel in main locations
  • The anti-reverse clutch is instantaneous, and it is a one-way clutch.
  • Spools are single and braid ready too.
  • Drag Adjustment is provided by the smoother haul system which is designed with stainless steel and oiled washers
  • Design offers a sure-click bail
  • Main components along with shaft are made of stainless steel and are resistant to corrosion
  • Handles consist soft knob, and aluminum is machined to it
  • The manufacturer offers One-year warranty


3. PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel – Excellent Reel to Buy in 2018


Penn Spinfisher V is one of the famous models in spinning reels for heavy saltwater. It was a most anticipated model even before it was released. It features open face reeling o different f 11 sizes. The choices help in optimizing of fishing and will help you in choosing a model which will match your needs and work accordingly.

Many companies offer a spinning reel offshore with limited models or models which don’t show many differences. With Penn, you get a variety of models, and the size ranges from 3500 to 10500. 

Also, the reel helps in fighting against tough fishes like tunas and marlins. Providing you best fishing experience and better catches.

Each model also offers a great line capacity along with a maximum drag compared to the previous models. They also get heavier and bigger; the drag ratio keeps dropping accordingly. Higher versions help in aiming for bigger and heavier baits. The maximum drag feature allows withstanding the fighting off big monsters in the sea. Though the price rises with the models, the reels also progress and are heavy and strong.

Highlighted Features:-

  • 5 High-Quality bearings for smoother operation
  • Line Capacity features let you know how much line is left
  • No backing needs because super line avoids slipping
  • Instantaneous Anti-Reverse system
  • Maximum drag system


4. The Shimano Sienna Fd Spinning Reel


The Shimano Sienna Spinning Reel comes in two versions – Front and Rear Drag. Their sizes range from 500-4000. 500 size is used for ultralight usage whereas 4000 sizes are used for handling large sea creatures like inshore fish. It best works for Saltwater and is compatible with Fluorocarbon, Mono and PowerPro Lines.

Front and Rear Drag Versions have their set of features. The front model consists of a power roller and weighs in the range of 6.0-12.3 ounces. The dragging power is between 4-13 pounds and the retrieval per crank is 25-32 inches. 

Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel has three ball bearings and a single roller bearing.

Front Drag of Shimano Sienna offers three models, and it’s comparatively smoother than the rear drag. Also, it offers you a variety of models for choosing. It provides excellent features and is available at an affordable price.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Power roller for keeping the line firm
  • Graphite frame is light in weight and comes with a rotor and side plate Aluminum spool
  • Dyna-Balance avoids wobbling during retrieval
  • Compatible with fluorocarbon, mono and PowerPro Lines
  • Anti-reverse avoids slipping
  • Line capacity to know how much line is left


5. Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel


Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel delivers a performance opposite to its size and weight. The reels have powerful arms made with forged aluminum along with EVA knobs. The gearing system is precise and elliptical, includes pinion gears for the longer lasting feature. There are seven features and instantaneous anti-reverse bearings for delivering smooth performance and hook sets.

Spinning reels of Ceymar are light in weight, and the blade design is extra compact, and it has a balanced rotor along with spool which is ported to highest levels for reducing the weight. 

The stylish and Fierce design of Okuma Ceymar features can get the toughest fishes easily.

There are seven bearings along with an instant anti-reverse bearing which ensures that no slippage happens and fish can’t escape after snared.

Ceymar’s body design of narrow blade and aluminum components give long durability and maximum control along with keeping the weight very less. The design is unique and lightweight, you can hold it for longer hours comfortably and will not have stress on hands too.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Oiled and Multi-disc Drag System
  • 7 Ball Bearings and 1 Roller Bearing for ultra smoothness
  • Instantaneous anti-reverse roller
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Stylish and lightweight handle
  • Narrow Blade Body Design for reduced fatigue
  • Computer Balanced Rotor
  • One year warranty


6. Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel


Okuma Avenger ABF is a unique model which rests between professional baitcasting reel and professional grade reels and it is because of the bait feeding system. The system allows spook for running freely by getting disengaged, and the bail needn’t have to be opened. It allows easier latching of fish to bait and without giving the feels of drag. After the dragging is removed, the hook gets set, and the retrieval starts.

Baitfeeder system is an excellent feature for the reels and its useful add-on among Okuma spinning reels. Spools are light in weight and are machined with CNC, which means they are constructed from durable and lightweight materials. 

Spools are attached to oil-sealed washers for ensuring the smoother revelation of spools and in time efficiently.

There are six models for choosing from along with two gear ratios; anglers will have many choices to select from in the case of gear ratio, reels weight, and the maximum drag. We can adjust the tension of spool using rear adjustment.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Bait Feeding system can be patented Off/On
  • Japanese-Oiled washers, multi-disk
  • Single roller bearing for instant anti-reversal
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Rigid Aluminum Design
  • One year warranty


7. Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel – For Experts


Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel is the most innovated product in spinning reels; it has a lot of improvements compared to its original Trio version. It has an outstanding gear ratio ranging from 5:1-6:2:1 and also the retrieval process is more efficient and faster.

Okuma Trio is made from a crossover with a combination of graphite and aluminum making it a lightweight material, long lasting, and great strength. It is useful for the anglers to control reels easily.

Additionally, it also has many advanced features such as marvelous drag system including latest technologies incorporated into the previous version.

The trio is compatible for all types of fishing including inshore salt water which gives high stability along with smoothness. High-speed and gearing raises the standards and will let you enjoy more because of its excellent performance.

Many advanced features are embedded into the system like Dual Force Dragging, Corrosion Resistant, Elliptical Oscillation System. Also, the spinning features bearings which deliver high performance. It features nine ball bearings and a single roller bearing. Retrieving is smoother using the bearings. Anti-reverse bearing avoids the handle from going back making it more effective.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Spool design constructed from aluminum and graphite
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Dual drag system
  • Instant anti-reverse mechanism
  • Resistant to corrosion


8. Pflueger SUPXTSP30X Supreme XT Spinning Reel


Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reels are ultra lightweight reels compared to many other models. Reels feature rotor design and a complete magnesium body along with aluminum spool Machined and double anodized for reducing the weight without decreasing the durability.

Bail design of Pflueger provides an easily audible indicator at the time of bails completely opening and are ready to cast – and the liner roller of anti-twist titanium will even lay on the spool. 

Another great feature of Pflueger is, it has an over-sized anti-reverse bail wire along with hook sets. It is handy for both the hands and offers outstanding features at an affordable price.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Extremely lightweight reels with magnesium body, side plate, and rotor
  • Nine ball bearings made of stainless steel
  • Instantaneous anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Double anodized and machine ported aluminum spool
  • Closed Fiber system made of carbon
  • Sure-click Bail
  • Lightweight handles


9. 2017 Daiwa BG Spinning Reels


Daiwa has been continuously evolving since 35 years and their Daiwa BG spinning fishing reels is refined and highly improved by specialists for bringing a stronger, lighter and a durable reel and it’s completely affordable.

The Daiwa company offers eight sizes for selecting from, and it is constructed using a black anodized and machined aluminum frame featuring an over-sized Digigear gearing for bringing a feel which has more cranking power and torque.

Daiwa BG reels consist of a side plate and aluminum body and it’s precise. It’s also resistant to corrosion which makes it perfect for usage in an offshore environment.

Aluminum spool comes in mono friendly and braid versions which give the scope for different types of fishing, and you can catch the baits easily.

Tournament Drag is installed with it. Also, it has many features like Twistbuster II and Air Rotor, and there are fewer chances for going wrong with Daiwa Spinning Reels.

Additionally, Daiwa is famous for integration for huge drive gear in Daiwa’s spinning reels. Oversized gear gives extended and smoother gear life along with increased torque and power.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Oversized Digigear
  • Strong Screw-In Handle
  • Waterproof Drag System
  • Soft Handle
  • Smoother and Extended Gear Life


Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Spinning Reel

A spinning reel is a helpful tool for fishing especially for anglers, and you can get it under $100. However, you have to consider certain factors for selecting the best spinning reel.

Responsive Dragging System

Spinning reel withstands the drag or pressure exerted by a tough fish. A responsive dragging system without jerking best suits for the fishing reels. Quality drag signifies no losing of fishing tackle and line breakage with fighting fish you are trying to get a hold on. Check out the type of drag compatible with your reel.

Size of Spool

The size of the spool matters in most of the cases. It will have the capacity to hold more lines if the spool is wider. Most of the renowned brands have reels carrying 3-4 size markers. You have to check this for ensuring your reel holds a length of filament lines braided or single.

Sufficient Bearings

Bearing produces the spin in fishing reels. Bearings are responsible for the smooth movement of the spool and the handle. There should be a minimum of 5 bearings for getting the best reel. Important bearings needed are main handling shaft, main gear, line roller, anti-reverse, and roller bearing.

Durability and Weight of Material

Materials used for manufacturing determines the weight of the spinning reels. Most of the reels in the market are made of magnesium, carbon, aluminum, or plastic. If you want a longer lasting best spinning reel, you should go for aluminum of carbon made frame reels. Though the plastic frame reels are light in weight, they do not last for a long time.


The anti-reverse feature prevents the unexpected unwinding of the reel handle. It ensures the safety as well as promotes successful fishing offshore and onshore. Anti-reverse features also allow you to control the reverse using a lever or switch positioned at the end of the reel.

Top 3 Spinning Reels Brand 

Today market offered you hundreds of brands with thousands of products, but those that are trusted the most tend to retain their position. This trust on brands come from the quality and performance oriented spinning reels they offer at a value for money price. Let’s take a look at the top three best spinning reel brand:


PENN is the flag bearer of saltwater fishing gears Since the year 1932. The company is dedicated to manufacturing modern and technically advanced fishing equipment and delivering them across the world. They are the makers of highest quality tackle and accessories for fishing. 


A trust that originated in Taiwan but is practised across the globe. The Okuma fishing tackle has been bestowed upon with several awards for quality oriented and inspiring sports equipment. The company manufactures every variety of fishing tackles, from lakes in the mountains to seashores or even freshwater lakes. 


Shimano is a Japanese MNC giant that manufactures sports equipment and include all cycling, rowing, and fishing equipment. Shimano has now launched their X stores across Europe and is getting valued response and enormous acclaim for their quality and superior products that outdo the competition.  

Final Thoughts

Do you want to enjoy your fishing and catch large baits without any difficulties? The manual process is stressful and increases pains on the joints. With spinning reels, it is a lot easier, affordable, and latest innovative product for catching larger baits.

With a spinning reel, you will be able to catch bigger fishes without difficulties, advanced features will not let the fish escape, you will know how much more down is your target and much more. Anglers have a great advantage with the spinning reels; it is helpful for them physically and financially too.

What are you still looking for? Order a spinning reel already and hit the fishing adventure.

All credit for this awesome article goes to Pick Kayaks.

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