When Monday comes around it means the weekend is officially over and for most that means another work week begins. This post is here to help you get rid of those blues. Enjoy this collection of fishing beauties and tell us which one is your favorite in the comment section below.



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@realsaltlife Wise words from an old friend 🙂 . Time & time again this comes to my attention, so here it is. . . I’m pretty and I’m done apologizing for it. . . I’m smart, I’m driven, I’m funny, I’m full of life, loving, sassy, and an awesome friend. . . . I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m an idiot, a bi*ch, or ugly. I’m not going to call myself names and pick myself apart so you’re more comfortable around me. . . . Ladies don’t stop growing because others decide to settle. You don’t have to constantly defend yourself, morals, or choices. Simply because you’re different. Do not apologize for refusing to live in a sheltered box while the world presents endless opportunities. . . . I’m awesome, and one hell of a woman. Ladies you can be too! . Stop saying you can’t and start telling yourself you can. Stop making endless excuses. There’s no rules, heck there’s hardly any guidelines and believe it or not you ARE equally as pretty, talented, and loved as I am. . This isn’t a competition. Be confident ! You can be more! anyone that tells you different is lying. . . Cheers to the woman like me that aren’t taking anybody’s crap, and are ruthlessly chasing their dreams. God bless the men that like us, love us, and marry us because we’re often hard to handle. ❤️ Untamed, unpredictable & uncensored . . . . #womanempoweringwoman #inspire #outdooradventureswithnicole #lifeisbetterinabikini #venicelouisiana #nicolesfishingbedandbreakfast #getoutdoors #youtube

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