November’s Beauty of the Month

Congratulations to Maria! She is our beauty of the month for November. You can find Maria on Instagram @marialuvsme4. Here is some info on this awesome female angler:

1. Tell us a little about yourself!
I travel a lot. I have dual citizenship from New Zealand. I used to live in Auckland. A lot of my family lives in Australia. I lived in Rarotonga on the Cook Islands and Hawaii just to name a few places. 

2. When did you start fishing? And who got you into the sport?
I grew up spearfishing in the lagoon at low tide for dinner. Fishing has always been a huge part of my life.

3. What is/are your favorite fish to catch?
Tarpon and freshwater snakehead 

4. What is the most difficult fish to fight?
Tarpon on Fly still haven’t landed one yet. I have lost four.

5. Do you have a favorite lure or bait?
 I really like Gill Reaper Lures

6. Do you have a favorite place or spot to fish?
Any river I can flyfish from

7. What are some of your other favorite hobbies? I hit the gym, travel, and hike

Instagram @marialuvsme4

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