The Best Lures for Huge Northern Pike

Storm Wildeye Live Pike

#1 Storm Wildeye Live Pike

This lure is the latest ‘Hot One’, a top producer of large pike and large numbers of pike. Time and time again this lure out fishes most lures used. Only downside to this lure is they get chewed up fairly quickly or if you lose the tail, not as effective. Bring many of these with because they get destroyed fast. These lures work equally well whether fished in shallow, clear bays, weed bed pockets, or on the outer deep edges of weed beds. Hang on once you drop it!

#2 Johnson’s Silver Minnows

 Johnson's Silver Minnows

One of the classic stand-bys. It works great in all situations, even early spring and bays with no weeds. A great advantage being weedless in fishing shoreline reeds, lily pads, or cabbage beds. If you have a deep weed bed to explore and fishing the top of the water column is not producing, try drifting across the area and vertically jigging the spoon off the bottom with 2′ swipes. Big pike hanging on the bottom will destroy it. Our preference is the large 1 1/4 oz. in silver or gold. Silver for sunny days, gold for cloudy. A 3-4″ white or yellow twister tail or pork rind added to the back end is an absolute must. When fish get selective, try a smaller size.

Mepps Spinners

#3 Spinners

Another classic. Pike absolutely love spinners of all kinds but the Mepps #5 or the big Blue Fox in silver, silver and blue, or gold work best. These produce well in any situation and work well in quickly casting and working an area. For pike, the smaller size- #5- definitely works better than the larger musky bucktails. We also prefer undressed (no hair) spinners. One tip on using a Mepps Aglia in early season conditions when the pike are really shallow. Take the treble off and add a much larger treble. It will add enough drag to fish the spinner at a lower retrieve, important for slower, early season pike in very cold water.

#4 Rattletraps


Rattletraps are great lures, particularly when fish are not as active. The noise and action when working them adds a different weapon to your arsenal. Use the larger sizes. All of these color combos work really well but the best producer at the North Seal is the silver and blue version. Rattle traps also work well on schooling, shallow water lake trout and especially in situations were the wind has been pounding a shoreline for a few days. On the pike, it can also work well in early season when cold weather and a lack of warmer water will actually push the pike out of the bays and into the mouths of the bays, suspended in slightly deeper water.

#5 Plastics

Plastic Lures

The conventional fishermen’s alternative to using a fly. Add a large hook (4/0 or 5/0) and get ready for fun. Plastics are great, fish them slow, even let them sit on the bottom with the occasional twitch. This will definitely produce some monsters. Size from 6″-10″ works great in white, chartreuse, fluorescent red with a dark back. Great for shallow water, visual fishing. Don’t set the hook too quick, let the pike run with it for a good 5+ seconds before letting it rip!

#6 Spoons

Eppinger Spoons

The old stand-by since forever and effective in many situations except weeds. The #2 Len Thompson and Daredevil spoons in a 1 oz. and 1 1/4 oz. (in Yellow 5 of Diamonds and Orange potato bug) are the standard producers and can be used on both Pike and Lake trout. Trout actually prefer the larger 2 and 3 oz spoons while pike prefer the smaller. Other great spoons are the large Doctor spoon in copper or blue/silver and medium and large Red Eyes in silver, brass, or gold. Another personal favorite is the Lucky Strike 17 Lizard Orange hammered gold spoon. It is large but nice and light, easy to fish in many conditions , using slower retrieves and action.

#7 Luhr Jensen Kwikfish 

Luhr Jensen Kwikfish

This lure is limited in its application and this lure is well loved by pike. What makes this lure so much fun is its unique action creates savage shallow water pike attacks from the depths. This lure swims back and forth across the top of the water column and drives pike into a frenzy. An excellent lure for lake trout too, especially in the largest sizes, like the T-70 Flatfish.

#8 Jigs Walleye/Pike

A top all around walleye producer but also a secret weapon when pike get really finicky. Cast it just beyond them and with rod tip held high, swim the jig back past them at the slowest possible speed, just enough to give the tail tip action. It will light up the most finicky of fish.

All credit for this great list goes to Ganglers.

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