When to Fish a Jerkbait 101

When to Use a Jerkbait Bass Fishing

The jerkbait is considered one of the most lethal baits in bass fishing. It also has a reputation for catching beastly bass. Here are a few key determining factors to help you identify prime time for fishing a jerkbait. When any, or all of these conditions exist, give the jerkbait a rip for bass fishing.

Cold Water

The natural suspending action of a jerkbait imitates bait fish dying off in cold water. Although a jerkbait will catch bass all year, oftentimes the colder water will make it a better choice for getting bites than some of your other techniques. When water temperatures are around 50 – 60 degrees a jerkbait is often a great option.

When Bass are Shallow

The max you can get a good jerkbait to go is 12 – 15 feet. This can be a problem if the bass are hanging deeper than 20 feet. Especially, if the water is cold. They are just not as apt to swim up and eat from those depths because of the bass’s slow metabolism. The jerkbait ideally is the most effective when bass are shallower in cold water sitting in about 5 – 12 feet of water.

Clearer Water

The jerkbait is a visual clear water feeding bait. This is why it works so well on smallmouth. In dirty water the bass are unable to see the dying movements as well. A jerkbait seems to perform better in stained to clear water conditions. Many jerkbaits come with rattles to help attract attention in those dirtier water conditions, but often when things are too dingy you are probably better off with a bladed bait of some kind.

Jerkbait Bass Fishing Conditions

All credit for these awesome tips goes to Kraken Bass. https://www.krakenbass.com/jerkbait-bass-fishing/

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