What is the Ultimate Fishing Snack?

Fishing and snacking go together like topwater frogs and matted grass. After an interesting internet brainstorm session, we’ve put together our list of the top ten fishing snacks. 

Beef Jerky 

The fishing snack GOAT in my opinion. It’s filling, tastes good, lasts a long time, and makes you feel like a cowboy/cowgirl

Breakfast Sandwich

Rolling through Mcdonald’s is part of the early morning fishing trip ritual for anglers everywhere. Heading to the fishing hole with a couple McMuffin’s is a major power move. 

Pro Tip* Always order an extra sandwich or hashbrown. They taste surprisingly good at room temperature, or at least it seems that way when you’re really hungry and not ready to head in.


Chips do the job on virtually any fishing trip. For me, it’s Spicey Nacho all day but I would honestly eat any chip you put in front of my face. Except for ice chips, that’s just semantics.

Chicken Nuggets 

Chicken nuggets are easy, filling, and accepted by third-graders everywhere. Order a 20 pack of chicken nugs for you and the crew and the day immediately turns into a classic.

Sunflower Seeds 

Ball out on a budget with a pack of sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds aren’t the best at filling your belly but they’re great at occupying time, especially on a slow day fishing. 

Cliff Bar/ Energy Bar 

The healthy anglers snack. Energy bars are the workhorse of fishing snacks so we had to show them some love. Fill up quickly and get back to fishing with your favorite energy bar. 


Showing up to a fishing trip with donuts is a quick way to becoming my new best friend. 

Pretzels (With or Without The Peanut Butter Filling) 

This easy boat snack pairs nicely with any cold beverage…. If you know what I’m sayin’


We all can’t be Betty Crocker, so just bring the best cookies you can, they’ll get eaten. Trust me. 

Canned Sausages 

If you know, you know. Canned meat lasts forever, it’s dirt cheap, and taste delicious. Pair this up with a couple of saltine crackers and you’ve got a backwoods barbeque.

All credit for this delicious list goes to Shop Karl’s. https://shopkarls.com/blog/power-ranking-fishing-snacks/

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