The Best Paddle Tail Swimbaits

right one for you may be difficult at times. To make the process easier I have compiled a small list of the best paddle tail swimbaits that have proven themselves over the past few years. Hopefully this narrows your search and helps your confidence bait!

Keitech Swing Impact FAT


The Swing Impact FAT is hands down one of my all-time favorite paddle tail swimbaits, and for good reason too. These little guys carry a bunch of great features that have put many fish in the boat over time.

Benefits of the Keitech Swing Impact FAT

  • Great Action β€“ The softness of this bait’s plastic makes for wide tail-kicking action even at slower retrieve speeds.
  • Squid Scented β€“ Each package of Keitech swimbaits come infused with squid scent, helping to increase your chances of hooking a fish as they’ll hold on longer.
  • Good Colors β€“ I love the available colors on these baits. My favorites are Electric Shad, Tennessee Shad, and Green Pumpkin Chartreuse.

Basstrix Hollow Body Swimbait

Basstrix swimbait
Basstrix Hollow Body swimbait

The popular Basstrix hollow bodied swimbaits are a favorite amongst many anglers. Their high-quality, soft plastic gives off a unique kicking action and increases your chances of hooking a fish.

Benefits of the Basstrix

  • Super Soft Body β€“ The soft, hollow body design on the Basstrix makes it kick even wider than the Keitech Swing Impact, giving it a more erratic action.
  • Rolling Action β€“ This bait not only features a wide tail kick, but also a side-to-side rolling action that gives it a flashier look.

Gary Yamamoto Heart Tail

Gary Yamamoto Heart Tail
Gary Yamamoto Heart Tail

The Heart Tail is great if you want high-quality kicking action in a larger paddle tail. This bait has a thicker that is perfect to use as a chatterbait trailer or on a weighted swimbait hook.

Benefits of the Heart Tail

  • Kicking Action β€“ The kicking action on this bait is very flashy. The tail design allows it to thrash side-to-side very quickly, which also makes the entire body throb as well.
  • Thick Plastic β€“ Since the body of this bait is much thicker than other comparable paddle tails, the Heart Tail is very durable. This bait can last a few fish before being replaced.

6th Sense Lures Core X

6th Sense Lures Core X
6th Sense Lures Core X

If you need a larger-profile hollow body, the Core X is the solution. This bait provides amazing kicking action for its size and has an amazing action on the fall.

Benefits of the Core X

  • Rolling Action β€“ The rolling action on this bait is even more intense than the Basstrix. I can literally feel my entire rod tip thumping as I’m retrieving this bad boy.
  • Soft Plastic β€“ The material on this bait is extremely durable compared to other hollow bodied swimbaits that rip after one or two fish. This one can handle a few big girls.
  • Slow-Rolling β€“ The extremely soft body this bait features allows it to kick hard during a slow retrieve. This also means the bait thumps hard while falling, retaining its action.

Little Creeper All American Trash Fish

This is one of my confidence baits. The ultra-realistic design of this bait plus the swimming abilities makes it look irresistible in the water. I have caught many quality bass on this paddle tail.

Benefits of the Trash Fish

  • Easy to Rig β€“ The Trash Fish was made specifically for the Owner Beast Hook. The indent on the mouth area and slit on the back makes the Beast hook sit perfectly flush on the bait.
  • Fins β€“ The detail on the Trash Fish is awesome. It features realistic fins that actually stick out from the bait and flutter as you retrieve.
  • Durable Plastic β€“ Just by feeling the plastic on the Trash Fish you’ll know that it’s quality at its finest. One Trash Fish can last me a couple big fish before I replace it.
  • Slow Rolling β€“ This is another paddle tail you can slow roll effectively. The thick yet soft plastic design allows it to kick on the slowest retrieves.

All credit for this great list goes to Scalz Fishing.

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