Baitshop Life Fishing Tips: Lake Trout

For many people, Lake Trout fishing is not so much a hobby as it is an obsession. For the serious trout fisherman, there is no distance too far and no obstacle too great to stop them in the pursuit of a giant, monster trout. But as every good angler knows, fishing is not just about the catch: it’s about the thrill of trying. Let’s look at the 10 best tips to catch giant trophy Lake Trout for those seeking instant gratifica-tion.

1. Use Spoons

When dragged at slower speeds, spoons make an attractive lure for Lake Trout as their slow and steady wobble action incur ferocious strikes. Spoons also give you great versatility in terms of depth-targeting, allowing you to slip that lure directly into the target zone with only subtle variations of speed.

2. Work With Bright Jerkbaits

Since many of your prized monster trophy Lake Trout will reside in darker waters, it’s imperative to use brighter colored jerkbaits. Blue, silver, orange, pink, and chartreuse are all great colors to ensure your lure is visible at depth. Jerkbaits work best when the target trout are suspended in 10 feet of water or more, and is are a perfect tool for dragging right on bottom, bringing us to tip #3.

3. Bounce the Bottom

Using good 20-30 pound test line and a strong 30+ pound fluorocarbon leader, literally bouncing the bot-tom of the waters helps create deeper ripples, attracting Lake Trout from much further abroad. From there, it’s your job to handle them up from the depths, make the grab, and get your picture snapped with professionals.

4. Fish The Cooler Waters

Lake Trout prefer the cooler water climates, and as surface temperatures warm they trend deeper in the water column. Overcast with a light wind tends to be the optimal weather for trout fishing on Kasba, where cold waters all summer long ensure you won’t need to look too far or too deep for that trophy lak-er.

5. Know Your Equipment

Medium-Heavy 7′ rods, with at least 20 pound of test line should get the job done when on the hunt for trophy Lake Trout, although having a lighter option such as a light-medium action rod with 6 – 10 pound test line can make for an exciting afternoon when looking for some fast-paced action. Your local Fishing store should be able to help you select the tackle you need.

6. Learn Proper Casting

You’ll always want to cast no less than 40′ from any school of Lake Trout, allowing the line to drag backwards towards your vessel, or yourself, depending on where you’ve decided to cast from. Naturally, your jerkbaits will migrate with the waters which sets off more natural looking lures.

7. Watch Your Rod

After snatching your bait, Lake Trout will generally take off without notice. Watching your rod turn into a bow is a sure bet something has caught your line; if the trout tries to go under your boat, don’t let it get tangled! You can bring the rod around the bow of your boat to finish the fight on a different angle, or quickly put your rod tip right to the water and force the fish back onto your side of the boat. A line caught on the underside of a boat is a surefire way to lose a fish.

8. Use Depth Finders

Mapping the swim patterns of Lake Trout would make your entire fishing excursion much easier to plan. Using depth finders shouldn’t be considered ‘cheating’; think of it as becoming ‘well-informed’ of your surroundings. Many trout schools hang out below 30′ off shoals and reef structure.

9. Be Prepared To Fail…at First

Fishermen, even with considerable water experience, still fail at catching their prized trophy Lake Trout simply because luck isn’t on their side. Using the proper lures, jerkbaits, spoons and deep water map-ping equipment sometimes takes several grueling attempts before the desired results are achieved.

10. Have Fun, Above All Else

Don’t let an obsession for catching trophy Lake Trout consume an awesome day with friends, your fami-ly or with coworkers; have fun trying to become the angler you’ve always dreamt of. Kasba Lake Lodge has fishing guides who will help you catch that trophy Lake Trout no matter what your fishing experience.

All credit for these awesome tips goes to Kasba.

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