The Best Way to Fish a Whopper Plopper

The beauty of the whopper plopper fishing bait is that all you need to do is cast it out and reel it back in. With very minimal effort, you could have some huge fish biting at your lure. The whopper plopper is probably one of the most popular baits for fishing large bass right now. If you’ve not yet tried it out, then you’re going to learn a few tips here today.

If you’re new to this type of bait, the whopper plopper is a fish-shaped, topwater lure. The back of this bait has a propeller-type tail that whips back and forth whenever you are reeling it in. This tail makes a plopping noise as it comes back. The bait not only catches fish, but it helps draw a lot of fish in. You don’t have to scout an area before you go fishing whenever you use this type of bait because it catches their attention to pull them towards you. The whopper plopper will come in a few different sizes. Also, this bait can be used in shallow or deep water, and there really aren’t any restrictions when you’re using them. You must pair your bait size with the size of the fish that you are trying to go for, however. When you use this type of bait, you’ll need to pair it with the right line too. Most anglers believe that a braided line is best for the whopper plopper. This is because it leaves no slack, and you can feel when you get a bite on your hook.

Pairing a moderate-fast action rod with medium-heavy power with this type of bait works well. You can find the spinning bass fishing rod at Castaway Rods to match with your whopper plopper bait.

All credit for these great tips goes to Castaway Rods.

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