The 5 Best Burgers in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Here’s our completely subjective list of Cheyenne’s five best burger spots!

1. Two Doors Down – This place isn’t a restaurant, it’s a burger joint with a sports bar vibe. And their specialty burgers are consistently excellent. There’s a reason why it’s rated 5th out 145 local restaurants on Trip Advisor. Since opening in a historic downtown building in 2009, they have since expanded with another location on Del Range. Although it lacks the ambiance of the original, when it comes to the burgers, the sequel is just as good.

2. Steamboat Steak and Smoke House –  When you think of Cheyenne, you think of the ‘Daddy of ‘Em All’. This place is giving new meaning to that phrase with one of the most creative concoctions you’ll find anywhere in the country. Their ‘Daddy of ‘Em All’ is a bloody mary and cheeseburger, all in one. It feautures vodka or gin with their house made bloody mary mix, garnished with peppers, sausage, olives, a bacon wrapped pickle and an actual cheeseburger on top of the cocktail. It’s something you really have to see to believe.

3. Cheyenne Brewing Company – New ownership recently took over the space formally occupied by Shadow’s in the historic Depot. So far, they are off to a great start, offering a unique take on upscale bar food along with enormous portions. The jalapeno mozzarella sticks are a meal in themselves. The jumbo hot wings are bigger than most drumsticks. And the burgers are huge. The Miss Piggy, which features bacon mayo, bacon and melted cheddar might take years off your life, but it’s worth it.

4. Penny’s Diner – For some reason, burgers just taste better in an old school diner. And, with the possible exception of a cold beer, nothing goes better with a burger than a milkshake. The food here is typical diner fare, but the nostalgic setting takes you back in time. It’s a greasy spoon for sure, but the burgers are legit, especially smothered in green chili. Plus, it’s open 24 hours a day.

5. Burger Inn – This place makes our list for one reason. It’s Cheyenne’s one and only traditional, mom and pop, fast food burger joint. It’s not fancy, but it’s a good deal. Especially on Mondays, when their Maxi burgers are half price.

Honorable Mention: 5 Guys and Culver’s are the best of the regional burger chains. And although it’s primarily a steakhouse, Wyoming’s Rib and Chop House has some excellent burgers, notably their Fried Green Tomato Burger.

Now, it’s your turn. Who did we leave off the list? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

All credit for this delicious list goes to King FM.

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