Baitshop Life’s Fishing Product for July 2020

Fishing gadgets don’t get much better than this. The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is a sonar fish finder that is ted to the end of your line and cast out into the water. A smartphone app allows you to then survey the underwater landscape and find out where the fish are!

Mearly tie the Deeper to your line and cast it into an are that you may think there are fish. You can then survey the depths and look for potential fish hiding spots. The deeper gives you a complete picture of what is going on down below.

Fishing a new water and not sure if there is anything there? Simply make a quick cast and you ca check on your phone if any fish are in the area. What a great time saver, stops you from fishing in areas were there is nothing to catch.

​The Pro+ has full GPS integration allowing you to map any water you fish on whether it is from the shore, trolling or ice fishing.


  • ​300ft or 100m wi-fi range from your phone
  • Depth range 260ft or 80m
  • Four separate modes of use
  • Standard, boat, Ice and onshore GPS
  • Narrow or wide beam scanning
  • Full history mode of stored maps
  • Three separate color displays on your phone.

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