Baitshop Life’s Beauty of the Month for July 2020

Congratulations to Amber Marchant! She is our Baitshop Life Beauty of the Month for July 2020. You can find Amber and her awesome catches on Instagram @islandbaby4life, and we post her all the time on @baitshoplife and @baitshopcatch! This incredible female angler has loads of sweet catches on her IG, but her mahi-mahi catches are some of our favorites. Here is some information on our July 2020 Beauty of the Month, Amber Marchant. Congrats Amber!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I grew up in Marathon in the Florida Keys, so the ocean has been a big part of my life since I was a baby.

When did you start fishing? And who got you into the sport?

I’ve been fishing in my backyard in the canals for as far back as I can remember, but I would say about four or five years ago I really started taking it more seriously and became more eager to learn as much as I can about all types of fishing. When I lived on Pine island in Southwest Florida, I did a lot of inshore fishing with @Seneca_tails_guide_service Capt. Dalton Mee, and I absolutely loved it! That’s when my passion started to blossom. Once I got a taste of the offshore action I was hooked! @keywestphotog taught me so much in the fishing community. Now every chance I get I’m out on the water.

What is your favorite fish to catch? 

It is really hard to pick just one; I guess it would depend on what time of year it is. I absolutely love bill fishing in the fall, everything about it is so engaging, from hooking it to getting it to the boat; One wrong move and you can lose it, which makes it so rewarding watching it swim off for the release. I also love trolling, or using top water plugs for rooster fish; Although using live bait is typically more productive. it’s so thrilling to see There rooster like  comb come out of the water as they chase Then violently crash on your bait.  they are a very beautiful, hard fighting game fish, and are you sure to give you an experience you won’t forget! I have fished for them in Cabo San Lucas and Costa Rica.

Here in the states; overall, I think I would have to say fishing for Dorado In the summer,  is definitely one of my favorites.   I’ve been intrigued by them since I was five years old; Long before I would have ever dreamed of catching one. To me, they are one of the most beautiful fish and I love how acrobatic they are; always putting on a show during the fight. 

What is the most difficult fish to fight?

For me I would have to say a big yellowfin tuna. they are such a powerful fish and bringing them up from the deep will definitely put a number on your back.  it’s a long heart wrenching fight. although Tarpon are equally as challenging if not more. Not only are you fighting against sheer power; you are also dealing with a very acrobatic fish that can jump up to 10 feet out of the water.  You have to remember to lower your rod tip as they jump; also known as bowing to the king. It is also very challenging to get a good Hooksett as they have a very bony mouth.    The average angler will lose far more than they land. 

Do you have a favorite lure or bait? 

during the fall, I love kite fishing using goggle eyes and threadfins. typically targeting sailfish but also wahoo, mahi, and tuna can be caught.  in the summer trolling with pre-rigged jaw lures is always win! my favorite is the mahi slayer Pre-rigged on 100 lb AFW hi-seas leader and 2 Mustad SS-DT hooks, one rigged 6” skirt Chasing another rigged 4” skirt

Do you have a favorite place or spot to fish?

Another hard one! I love fishing out of Venice Louisiana because of their diverse fishery both inshore and offshore.  I equally enjoy fishing in Cabo San Lucas and Costa Rica. The views are mesmerizing And a variety of fish species you can target are endless.

What are some of your other favorite hobbies?  

Growing up in the keys and being in the ocean almost every day, I love any type of water activities, from scuba diving, snorkeling, wake boarding etc. i’ve done a little bit of spearfishing and I have to say I absolutely love it!!!  Being in the ocean is so freeing, and to be honest I think I might like it more than Fishing.  my goal is to eventually get better at spearfishing and do it more often. I also love to paint and do you anything that has to do with arts and craft. are used to paint and draw all the time throughout high school, unfortunately I never seem to have the time to do it anymore. i’m hoping one day I can get back into it. 

Instagram: @islandbaby4life

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