Baitshop’s Angler of the Month for March 2021

Congratulations to Leigha Heverly! She is our Baitshop Angler of the Month for March 2021. You can find this awesome female angler on Instagram @lilhev_leigha, and we post her all the time on @baitshoplife and @baitshopnation. Here is some more info on Leigha!

Tell us a little about yourself!

27 year old, full time chiropractic student, in my final year of clinics. I will be a sports and animal chiropractor on the east coast of Florida. On my spare time I like to catch big fish and ride fast horses.

When did you start fishing? And who got you into the sport?

I started fishing when I was about 7 with a cane pole for brim in my small pasture pond. My dad and my brothers taught me how, I really got into it in college when I started salt water fishing with an ex boyfriend. Got rid of the boyfriend and kept on fishing haha 

What is your favorite fish to catch?

Blue marlin for release, yellow fin for food 

What is the most difficult fish to fight?

Definitely a blue Marlin, hour and half fight

Do you have a favorite lure or bait?

Whatever works, my favorite is sport fishing with rigged ballyhoo and circle hooks, more sport in it 

Do you have a favorite place or spot to fish?

Nope, I love traveling and trying next places when fishing, hope to check Costa Rica and Mexico off that list soon 

What are some of your other favorite hobbies?

If I’m not on the boat fishing I’m riding or racing my horses or in some kind of gym. I enjoy being outside and being active.

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