How to Noodle for Catfish Like a Pro

Noodling for catfish is a bucket list item for many anglers, but many are unfamiliar with the practice. In this video you’ll get some great tips and tricks on how to properly noodle for catfish.

There was a ton of great information in that video, so let’s review some of the highlights. First, you want to find rapids because the catfish often hangout near them next to rocks and logs on the riverbed. Also, you want to bring googles and gloves so you can see in the water and be protected from their sandpaper like teeth. It will help to bring a friend with you so you can force the catfish out of tunnels making them bite your hand as they try to run. Once they bite you it’s important to keep them from rolling and getting away. The best way to do this is to grab their bottom jaw with your other hand the wrestle them to the surface.

Remember to develop a communication system with your noodling partner before heading into the water. This way you can ensure everyone’s safety and focus on catching catfish.

Source: StopFishingStartCatching

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