Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission Discuss Proposed Drone Fishing Ban

According to reports, The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to table a rule that would ban the use of drones while angling. This comes as officials recognize the growing popularity of drones as a fishing tool across America.

The FWP reports they have seen increases in questions regarding the use of drones, remote-controlled boats, and other devices to fish. Ultimately a recent meeting resulted in the commission making the decision to not enforce a ban at this time.

FWP told reporters, β€œPossible uses of remote-controlled devices and drones while fishing include transporting bait and hooks long distances beyond where anglers can physically cast, transporting bait and hooks to areas that normally are unable to be accessed such as closed areas near dams, scouting large areas above water quickly for fish and filming fish in real time, dropping hooks or bait with exceptional accuracy, and landing fish.”

Currently there is no Montana law banning the use of drones while fishing, but there is one in place that prohibits the use of drones for hunting purposes.

Source: NBCMontana

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