Here’s What You Need Before You Go Fishing in Texas (VIDEO)

Everything is bigger in Texas and that is certainly true when it comes to angling. Before you hit the water in the Lone Star State you need to take care of a couple things first.

As you saw in the video first and foremost you need a fishing license if you are over 17 years old. The sales of these licenses go back to the state for conservation efforts. According to Alice Best with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department of Inland Fisheries, “All sales that come from purchasing a fishing license go toward conservation. That is what helps run state hatcheries, restock ponds, it helps with habitat restoration, and making fishing better for everyone. You do need a fishing license for all public waters such as lake Conroe and lake Houston. If you are over 17 you need a fishing license”

Best then went on to talk about a basic set up with bait, split shot, and a bobber. Another important tip she mentioned was having a life vest for everyone on the boat. Now you know all about what you need to go fishing in Texas. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and put on sunscreen.


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