You Need These 3 Baits when Bass Fishing for Fry Guarders

According to reports the spawn is winding down for bass across parts of the country, and when this happens opportunities for good fishing open up. As bass come off the bed they are hungry and exhausted meaning many females will turn to their young as a source of food. This often will invoke the males to defend their helpless offspring, known as the fry. If you look close to vegetation in the water you’ll see the fry’s rounded shape as they try to hide under cover of these obstacles. Here are three baits that are known to work well under these circumstances.

  1. Soft Jerkbait

2. Stick Work with a Tail Spinner


3. Two-Tones Floating Worm


When you see the bass coming off the bed keep an eye out for the fry. As you pass through the swallows be vigilant as you may see bass trailing the bait. You might also catch a glimpse of the fry as they scatter to clear a path. When this is happening baits like the ones mentioned above will help you land some hungry bass.

Source: Wired2Fish

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