How to Tie a Snell Knot the Right Way (VIDEO)

The Snell Knot is a very popular knot used for securing hooks to fishing lines. If you’re unfamiliar with how to tie one this video will show you the proper way.

In case you missed anything here are the steps for tying a Snell Knot:

1.) Pull the line through the eye of the hook can fold the line back on itself leaving a loop which you will pinch with your thumb and finger

2.) Grab the tag end of the line and wrap it at least ten times around the hook just below the eye

3.) Take the remaining tag of the line and thread it through the loop you made at the beginning and pull the other end of the line away from the eye of the hook, the loop will close as you tighten the knot securing the wrapped line close to the eye of the hook

4.) Trim the tag end

Next time you’re on the water try this simple knot to secure a hook at the end of your fishing line.

Source: GeneFishingTV

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