Tying the Improved Double Fisherman’s Knot with Half Hitch Finishing (VIDEO)

There is a plethora of knots at an angler’s disposal for fishing. Here is a video on the improved double fisherman’s knot which can be used to tie a hook to the end of your line.

Here’s what the Youtuber had to say about the video, “The double fisherman’s knot or grapevine knot is a bend. This knot and the triple fisherman’s knot are the variations used most often in climbing, arboriculture, and search and rescue. The knot is formed by tying a double overhand knot, in its strangle knot form, with each end around the opposite line’s standing part.”

Now that you know how to tie this knot try using it next time you go fishing.

Source: GeneFishingTV

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