How to Choose the Right Line When Crappie Fishing (VIDEO)

There are so many types of line for an angler to chose when crappie fishing. To help you pick which line is best for where you’ll be fishing check out this video below.

There were a ton of great tips in that video, here’s the highlights. Consider checking out fluoro line or braided line as they provide more sensitivity and you’ll be able to feel small bites. Mono line will stretch more compared to these perviously mentioned lines.

As recommended in this video use 6 pound test line and make sure you’re using the same test line for all your poles. That way if you’re using different lures you’ll know where the baits will be based on the types of lures attached when trolling.

The clearer the water the lighter you’ll want to go on the test because the fish will see the line if it’s higher in test. Do these things and you’ll be rippin’ lip in no time.

Source: FinCommander

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