Ikejime: The Right Way to Kill Fish (VIDEO)

Traditionally fish are killed in one common fashion, slow suffocation. Ikejime, a four-step Japanese method, is a better way for both the fish and those who eat them. This video explores the benefits of Ikejime and how it’s properly done.

As you can see this method is less stressful on the fish allowing it to stay fresher longer and ultimately taste better.

Here are the four steps of Ikejime
1.) Place a metal spike into the fish’s brain
2.) Cut the fish’s arteries in each gill and the artery in the tail
3.) Send a metal pith through the spinal cord
4.) Fully submerge the fish in mix of equal parts water and ice

Although this method cannot be scaled to commercial fishing rigs you can try it on your next catch. The fish and your taste buds will thank you.

Source: Vox

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