4 Baits for Heavy Cover Bass Fishing You can Use Everywhere

Anglers know that bass love to hide in heavy cover so learning which baits to use in this situation is essential. Floridian Professional bass angler Jared McMillan shares some of his favorite baits to use in these environments.

  1. Swim jig. A swim jig is an excellent lure for covering water. It’s perfect when fishing vast flats of varying weed density and when bass are spread throughout the water column. A swim jig also mimics various forage such as shad and bluegills — this is achieved through simple color and trailer changes. Make sure to select a swim jig with a stiff weed guard to ensure it can be fished through thick cover without exposing the hook.
  2. Frog. Hollow body frogs like Strike King’s Poppin’ Perch can be fished at slow speeds, making them highly effective at drawing bass in for a closer look. Their unique hook and body design also make hollow body frogs the most weedless baits available.
  3. Stick bait. McMillan often fishes Texas-rigged stick baits slowly and thoroughly around isolated pockets or structures if bass aren’t willing to feed on top. He fishes stick baits extremely slow, letting the subtle action do the work. They’re an excellent choice when bass aren’t committing to moving baits, a common scenario in the spring when bass are locked on beds.
  4. Flippin rig. A heavy-weighted flippin’ setup is the best choice when bass are set up underneath thick matted grass. A heavy tungsten flipping weight drives the hook and plastic through so you can access fish-holding holes and pockets underneath. 

Now that you have some good ammo to use in heavy cover areas, get out there and rip some bass lip.

Source: Wired2Fish

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