How to Poach Fish, Easy Recipe (VIDEO)

Let Chef Walter Trupp show you how to easily poach fish. This video demonstrates the simple steps required to get a delicious poached fish dish.

Here’s the steps for this recipe in case you missed anything:

1.) Pour one cup of white wine into large pan
2.) Add sliced onions and a few strands of thyme
3.) Bring it to a boil and place fish in pan
4.) Cover and cook for 1.5 min
5.) Uncover and cook for another few minutes or until fish is firm to the touch
6.) Then place a plate under the lid and set aside
7.) Take fish out of pan and place on plate, covering with lid
8.) In separate bowl combine one part flour and one part butter
9.) Take remaining contents of pan and strain out liquid into separate pot
10.) Add 1/4 cup of cream to pan and bring to boil
11.) Add small portions butter and flour mixture in and mix until sauce thickens
12.) Add a spoonful of mustard, pinch of pepper, pinch of salt
13.) Add juices from resting fillet to pan and mix
14.) Chop fresh dill and mix into sauce
15.) Pour sauce over fish and serve

This recipe was simple and the finished product looks delicious. Try this out for yourself and let us know how it turns out.

Source: WalterTrupp-TheChefsTable

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