Top 5 Marine Coolers for Your Boat

Let’s face it Yeti made a big splash when they came on to the scene with their line of coolers. They revolutionized the way outdoor enthusiasts looked at portable refrigeration and changed what users looked for when picking one out for themselves. It was more then just the color or the size that people were considering. Factors like UV protection, weight, and most importantly insulation became top of mind. In this post you’ll find five coolers considered to be the best based on the features discussed above. It will help you navigate through the plethora coolers available today and give you a better idea of what cooler might be right for you and your needs.

RTIC, Ultra-Light CoolerBuy on Amazon

KENAI, 45Buy on Amazon

Igloo, BMX 72-Quart CoolerBuy on Amazon

Yeti, Tundra 35 Hard CoolerBuy on Amazon

Cascade Mountain Tech, RotomoldedBuy on Amazon

This list was compiled by comparing capacity, weight, and insulation. All the coolers listed above have great capacity as they can hold a significant about of ice, beer, or freshly caught fish. Weight was another consideration when making this list since the coolers listed here vary in dry weight but are all easy to lift and move before filling up. Finally insulation was noted because the insulation of all these coolers are better then the average product meaning your ice will last for days on end. Check out these coolers listed above and let us know which one you’ll be taking with you next time you’re heading into the wild.

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