5 of the Best Fly Fishing Reels Available Today

The success of fly anglers depend on so many outside factors like the weather, water conditions, and fish behavior. However, one of the things they can control is their gear. Having the right equipment can make or break an angler’s day. Today we are going to focus on the reel. Below you’ll find 5 excellent reels that are on the market today we think are some of the best out there.

  1. Galvan Rush Light 5 Fly ReelBuy on Amazon

Featuring an ultra smooth compression disc drag system the Galvan Right Light 5 comes with a lighter frame then it’s predecessors. Its large arbor design and easily interchangeable hand retrieve made it an simple yet powerful addition to your rod.

2. HARDY Ultralite ASR Fly Fishing ReelBuy on Amazon

Made with a bar stock 6061 main construction the Hardy Ultralite ASR reel is both lightweight and durable. The disc drag system and line ID set up make it an adaptable tool on the water.

3. Orvis Hydros Fly ReelBuy on Amazon

Orvis is known for the versatility of their rods and reels and the Hydros reel is no exception. Made with stainless steel and weighing in at 10.55 ounces, this 5-7 weight reel can help you conquer any stretch of water.

4. Ross Animas Fly Reel, 4/5Buy on Amazon

You’ll find great value in the Ross Animas reel which features a machined design fit for freshwater and saltwater fishing. This five weight reel is made from aluminum alloy and brings with it all the years of quality performance Ross is known for.

5. SAGE Trout ReelBuy on Amazon

The Sage Trout Reel will live up to its namesake as a four to six weight reel that’s great for trout fishing. Its machined and anodized aluminum One Revolution Drag Knob with numbered and detented settings let you easily set your preferred dray on the fly.

When compiling this list we looked at several characteristics of fly fishing reels. First, was the line weight. All the reels here fall between a weight of either a five or six weight. Another factor was the clutch system and all the reels here are disc since that’s the preferred type for achieving more control. Lastly, price was considered as every reel in this list is about middle of the road in cost. If you’re in the market for a new reel try out one from this list and you are sure to be satisfied.

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