Here’s an Swivel Easy Knot You Should Know (VIDEO)

Using a swivel is common especially if you’re spin fishing so tying one the right way is key to a successful day on the water. Here’s a video that will demonstrate the proper way to tie a swivel knot.

Here’s the steps listed out in case you missed anything.
1.) Thread the end of the line through the swivel and pull several inches through
2.) Place one finger between the line and the tag end, holding the swivel
3.) With your other hand take the tag end and twist it around the line several times
4.) Then take the tag end and put it through the loop near the swivel where your finger was holding the line
5.) Holding the tag end, pull the line tight and trim the tag end

Let this be another great knot to keep in your arsenal and try using it next time you’re adding a swivel to your set up.

Source: DongkhaoRa

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