The Secret to Crispy Calamari Revealed (VIDEO)

Fried calamari is delicious dish, but only if it’s done properly. Check out this recipe below and learn the secret to making crispy and tasty calamari.

Here’s the ingredients and steps in case you missed anything:
-2.2 pounds squid rings
-1tsp salt and ground black pepper
-4Tbsp cornstarch
-1cup all purpose flour
-1/2cup cornstarch
-ground black pepper
-oil for frying

First season the squid rings with salt and pepper, then mix thoroughly. Add cornstarch and cover all the rings evenly. In a Tupperware container combine remaining cornstarch and flour, add a dash of black pepper and whisk. Put squid rings in container, seal with lid, and shake to coat them. Take rings out of container removing excess flour. Heat a frying pan with oil and fry rings on medium to high heat. Fry for one minute only flipping to get them crispy on each side. Limit the amount of rings cooking to ensure the oil stays hot.

Source: KuyaFern’sCooking

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