This is How You Throw a Cast Net (VIDEO)

Cast nets are typically used to quickly catch small fish which are then used for bait. Jessica will show you how to do it the right way in this short video below.

In case you missed any of that, here are the steps listed out below:
1.) Coil up the line
2.) Grab the horn with your other hand and transfer it to your hand with the coiled line, make sure you’re grabbing it about a foot down from the horn
3.) Make sure all the braille line is untangled
4.) Coil most of the net, folding it over on itself a couple of times
5.) With your other hand take some of the braille line and throw it behind your leg
6.) Grab the braille line you pulled out and throw it over your shoulder
7.) Then take about half of the braille line and throw it over your arm
8.) Pinch the netting and the braille line in your hand
9.) Then using your momentum, throw the net out

As Jessica mentioned below after watching this video you will become the designated bait catcher on your boat.

Source: JessicaJae

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