Ice Fishing Huts Reviewed: Great Ice Fishing Huts for Under $700

Ice fishing huts come in many varieties and styles which means the prices of them also are quite diverse. For anglers only looking to spend $700 there’s plenty of great options out there. By focusing specifically on Frabill, CLAM, and Eskimo within this price range there are three great huts worth checking out.

Keeping the budget under $700 will corner this search to single-sized huts, not double-wide models. Each one will have varying dimensions but overall are the smaller size of ice fishing huts.

All of the products featured here collapse into manageable packages when transporting to or from the ice. In general, some ice fishing huts fold down into something that can be carried like a backpack and others might be a bit bulkier to transport.

The size here refers to the area of space once the ice fishing hut is set up on the ice. Given the number of people that will be on the fishing trip varies, this is an important characteristic to consider when selecting a model.

Since ice fishing always takes place in the winter the warmth of these ice fishing huts will provide is also top of mind. Each of the products featured here boasts exceptional protection from the elements.

Highlighted Features
Not one ice fishing hut is exactly like another so considering some neat features that set each one apart is an important part of shopping for these products. Looking into things like anchors, skirts, and windows will help in the decision process by focusing on unique desires and preferences.

1. Eskimo QuickFish Series Pop-Up Portable Ice Fishing ShelterBuy on Amazon

With a price tag falling between $400 and $500 the Eskimo QuickFish Series Pop-Up Portable Ice Fishing Shelter is on the lower end of the cost spectrum. This is largely because they are some of the smaller models out there today. The smaller size does mean that it’s easily portable. When collapsed it will fit into a cinch duffle bag that can easily be transported like a backpack. However, when it’s all set up there’s not a significant compromise on size. It will easily accommodate 3 adults with a little extra elbow room as its set up dimensions are 5.8′ long, 5.8′ wide, and 6.7′ tall. To keep this hut in place once set up note the self-tapping ice anchors. They are easy to grip and won’t bend under pressure when setting up the hut.

2. CLAM 14478 C-890 Pop Up Ice Fishing Angler Thermal HubBuy on Amazon

The CLAM 14478 C-890 Pop Up Ice Fishing Angler Thermal Hub will cost anywhere from $550 to $650. It’s a bit more expensive because of the overall size and some extra features it comes with. When broken down for transport this ice fishing hut allows for easy movement to and from the lake. The pack size measures 72″ long, 12″ wide, and 12″ tall with a weight of 58 pounds. Once it’s all set up this hut provides exceptional head room for larger parties. Easily fit 5-6 people in here and note the higher center height of 7.5′. Built for harsh conditions, this product features 60 grams of insulation per square meter and a black roof that pulls natural warmth from the sun.

3. Frabill Ice Hunter Sidestep 200Buy on Amazon

Since 1938 Frabill has provided exceptional ice fishing huts like the Ice Huner Sidestep 200 which costs anywhere from $600 to $700. Its large size and durable features make it a more expensive item, but it won’t disappoint. Providing 20 square feet of the fishable area when set up means it accommodates larger groups. When transporting it from the ice it folds down into a manageable size of 58.5″ long, 35.5″ wide, and 24″ tall. Anglers will find the quilted insulation and plush boat seats a warm and comfortable escape from the winter winds. One thing that sets this hut apart from the rest is its clear view windows. The panoramic front window has improved window material for durability and clarity.

Keep in mind the attributes discussed here are the major ones to consider when selecting an ice fishing hut. Also note, these are just a few of the many ice fishing huts available today.

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